Raising Our Emotional Temperature


Raising One’s Emotional Temperature
by Dr. Natalya Golovanov, ND, CHom.

Fall is here. Its slow, focused energy invites us to alter our pace and be more reflective. It steers us toward a deeper look at our life’s direction. Where are we headed? Where have our choices landed us so far? Is this what we want for ourselves?

When we choose to live authentically and move in the general direction of what our dream life would look like, our spirits grow and our emotions are expressed in a healthy way instead of being cut off and suppressed.

So, how do we take our “emotional temperature”? By asking if we feed and nurture our spirit every day, or push through responsibilities and endure life rather than live it. Are we attuned to which experiences and activities nourish the soul to make us feel alive and content?

Here are some tips that can help us get in touch with our inner voice:

  1. For the next week, commit to 15 to 25 minutes per day of uninterrupted time for reflection, as if it were an appointment. Write it in your dairy and “show up” for it. No excuses!
  2. Eliminate distractions by turning off phones and TV and ignoring e-mails and social media messages.
  3. Mull over the activities of the preceding week. Notice the smallest clues about what was instinctively attractive or draining about those experiences, however trivial or illogical they seem. For example, if after finishing a work project we reward ourselves by going to a store to smell French perfumes or browse through beautiful fabrics,that could indicate what is trying to emerge from within. If we turn to do-it-yourself programs or cooking shows on TV, that’s another clue. There is a reason why such things evoke a spark of joy and contentment.
  4. Become a detective, taking a “survey” of life. Dare to dream what a perfect life would look like, even if the image seems ridiculous or far out of reach. If an accountant, for example, is secretly dreaming of being in front of big audiences, getting an accounting job in theatre will not bring the desired experience. Signing up for acting classes or joining Toastmasters, however, would be more enlivening and provide a taste of the heart’s desire.
  5. What activities are so enjoyable that engaging in them is satisfying regardless of whether one is paid for them? Is there something that comes to us so easily that we tend to dismiss it? As creative entrepreneur Derek Sivers says, we must look for something that is “obvious to you, amazing to others.” Note these things down, as they can be useful guideposts to what is asking to be expressed.
  6. Piece the clues together and see if they create a cohesive pattern of a new path that would be a perfect fit to give the most joy and happiness in life.

Happy holidays!

Natalya Golovanov is a naturopathic doctor and homeopath in Walnut Creek who received her training at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy. For more information, call 925-695-3113 or 415-948-8999 or[E1]  visit GoldenGateHomeopathy.com


About drgolovanov

I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and a Trained Homeopath. I want to help others live happy, healthy, fully expressed and authentic lives.
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