On Homeopathy, Caroline Myss and Health

I’ve often heard Caroline Myss say that one needs to be in present time as much as possible (i.e., not channel energy to the old situations, painful emotions, etc. via revisiting them over and over in the mind and allowing our energy to leak to the burdensome past) to take advantage of energy medicine systems, such as Homeopathy.

Let me first say that I am a huge admirer of Dr. Myss’ work. I think she is a magnificent teacher who has taught me a lot, and I continue learning a great deal from her. However, I will disagree with her in regards to Homeopathy and how it works. If we waited to collect all the pieces of our Spirits scattered in the past to enable Homeopathy to work, I can safely say that as an art and science of medicine, Homeopathy would have died a long time ago. Yet it continues to be successfully practiced by dedicated people all over the world. I am not saying that Homeopathy should and will replace the need for genuine spiritual work that involves a hard, honest look at all the attachments we carry in many areas of our lives, whether they are generational beliefs handed down to us that we should drop, relationships that are sucking the life out of us that we need to cut off, unfulfilling work that should be reconsidered if we are to live joyful, authentic lives, etc. What I am saying is that Homeopathic medicines, if properly matched to the person, will help immensely in both physical and emotional conditions, regardless of how much in the present we are. Why? I truly feel, and I am sure many homeopaths will support me in this, that homeopathic medicines help disturb the frequency of illness, thereby helping the person lessen the emotional and psychological attachments that are creating the density of the condition in the tissues, or the grip of the thought-forms recreating the problem, if we are talking about a more emotionally-based disorder. In the process of such dissolution, pockets of energy are released, such that perceptions that held us in the past, created suffering and/or surrounded  the physical ailment are often no longer there. Thus, by having taken an appropriate homeopathic medicine, one is much more in the present time, because the emotions that held so much power over us, were prevalent and repetitive, are downgraded and dissolved along with the thoughts generating and perpetuating them.

Original homeopaths were all physicians who treated many physical and mental disorders very successfully, and they had great results in treating the cases of epidemic diseases as well. I doubt that many of their patients had enough command and understanding of psychological vocabulary that we do today. I am sure these patients invested unwisely and left in the past just as many pieces of their souls. The latter would have continued to contribute to creation of their lives unconsciously and channel away from health and creativity in the present, until uncovered, “unplugged from” (Caroline’s term) and integrated into the Self. Yet, homeopathy worked very well for those patients. We have old medical records and journals to prove that.

Of course, we should all strive for and work on reaching full congruency between the emotions and thoughts. In the meantime, however, Homeopathy will work both on the level of physical illness with all its manifestations, and on the emotional/mental and subtle levels. It can restore health and revitalize. It can provide a push on the road of spiritual growth–but it won’t do the work for us: a remedy can create an invitation, an opening–and the rest is up to us.


About drgolovanov

I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and a Trained Homeopath. I want to help others live happy, healthy, fully expressed and authentic lives.
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